A Personal Injury Attorney In Your Corner

Injuries can have a lasting psychological, physical and financial impact on a family. From the moment the accident occurs, your life may be thrown off course for weeks, months or years afterward. You may never be able to return to the same line of work again or your home and vehicle may need modifications in order for you to live comfortably.

At Wiles & Richards, we do our best to settle personal injury cases in Ohio as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While many cases settle long before reaching a courtroom, sometimes litigation is inevitable. Our trial attorneys will work with you to create a case management plan designed to achieve optimal results in the most efficient way possible.

Common Questions While Coping With An Accident

Common types of personal injury claims include automobile accidents, slip-and-fall cases, wrongful death cases and defective product claims. While every case is unique, many commonalities exist regarding how each situation should be treated. Some common questions we receive during personal injury cases include:

Q: What Should I Do If I’m In An Accident?

A: First, you should trade information with the other party and answer any questions presented to you by police officers. Do not, however, volunteer unnecessary information or make admissions. Obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all parties and witnesses at the scene. You should also seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible, keeping in mind that it is not unusual for aches and pains to manifest hours or days after the accident.

Q: When Do I Call An Attorney?

A: As soon as possible after your accident. The insurance company is likely to get in contact with you after your accident has occurred in order to negotiate a settlement amount with you before you know the extent of your injuries and damage to your property. It’s important to call an attorney before you speak with the insurance company so you don’t make any statements the insurance company could use to deny you compensation.

Q: How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

A: The financial compensation in a personal injury case is designed to make you whole after an injury. Many factors contribute to the amount of financial compensation in any individual’s case, including lost wages and medical expenses. Because it is the injured party’s responsibility to prove losses and expenses, it is important to keep track of all the medical bills, receipts and invoices related to your injury.

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If you’re injured due to someone else’s negligent actions, you deserve compensation to assist in your recovery. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with local laws and regulations, and we can help you take the appropriate legal action. Once you have hired us, we will sit down with you to gain a thorough understanding of your situation and the details leading up to your injury, and we will use this information to advocate for you with the insurance company. Your needs are an integral part of why we do what we do, and we’re passionate about helping residents throughout the state recover from devastating and traumatic accidents.

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