Expectations For The Divorce Process

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Ending a marriage can be a difficult, emotionally challenging process. Each situation is different, but you know that your divorce will not be easy, even if you and your spouse resolve to work amicably together throughout the process. Whether your divorce will be calm and reasonable, or you are preparing to go to court to fight for your desired outcome, it will be beneficial to have an understanding of the divorce process and what to expect from the next weeks and months.

Having reasonable expectations for the divorce process is helpful. This means you will not be surprised by the steps of the process, and you will be better prepared to intentionally pursue specific terms. This could save you a significant amount of time and stress as you walk through the process of your Ohio divorce.

What is going to happen?

Each divorce is unique, and the specific things you may encounter could largely depend on factors that are unique to your individual situation, such as your job schedule or your kids’ health needs. However, most divorces will follow the same basic steps, which include the following:

  • First, one spouse will file a divorce petition, which includes a reason for the divorce and proof that at least one spouse meets residency requirements.
  • A spouse can then submit temporary court orders for issues pertaining to child custody, financial support and other matters.
  • The petitioning spouse must provide proof that he or she properly served the other spouse with notice of the divorce petition.
  • The two spouses can then proceed with the process of negotiating a divorce settlement out of the courtroom.
  • If negotiations are not possible for any reason, this is the point when the two spouses will go to trial to seek a conclusion to their divorce.
  • After the negotiation process or trial, there is a finalization of any orders given by the court or reached by the two spouses.

The divorce process can be long, and you will find it essential to intentionally protect your interests at every step. If you are considering divorce or have made the decision to move forward with it, it could be helpful to seek the assistance of a professional who can provide you with insight and support. An assessment of your specific case can help you understand what to expect from your specific divorce.