How much will your child support payments be?

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One of the most important priorities for parents during and after a divorce is determining that the interests of their children are secure. Child support plays an important role in this as these payments will help the custodial parent care for his or her child and provide for basic needs. While child support is standard for many families, there are factors that can impact the exact amount of those payments. Each child support order is custom-tailored to the details of the individual situation.

Whether you will be the parent making child support payments, or you will be receiving the payments as you will care for the kids the majority of the time, you will benefit from learning more about how this works. It is helpful for parents to have an understanding of the factors that impact support payments and what rights parents have. This understanding can prove helpful in the prevention of issues and complications that can arise.

The ongoing care of your child

The intent of child support is to ensure that your child has what he or she needs in terms of food, clothing and other basics. For some families, child support may also cover health care needs, college expenses and more. When determining the amount of support to grant during a divorce, a family court will look at the following details:

  • Educational needs of the child
  • Health care needs and ongoing medical requirements
  • Income of the paying parent and his or her ability to pay
  • Standard of living the child enjoyed before the divorce
  • Number of children in the family

Parents may also work together to negotiate an agreement regarding child support amounts. However, any agreement is subject to the approval of the court. If the support order is not sustainable after the divorce is final, either parent may seek a modification of the original court order.

The future after divorce

The terms of your divorce order can impact you and your children for years to come. When it comes to child support, it is in your interests to know your rights and how you can protect the interests of your children. An assessment of your specific situation can help you understand how child support works and what to expect after your divorce.